Innovative Reproductive Technologies

A world leader in developing and implementing new techniques for embryo transfer

Boviteq offers reproductive and genetic solutions to clients across the US from its world-class In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) lab in Madison, Wisconsin.

Working with Accredited OPU (Ovum Pick Up) centers, clients can take advantage of Boviteq's innovative reproductive technologies. Our goal is to offer the best options available to our clients that will optimize the reproductive career of their elite animals and manage their herds' genetic advancement.

  • Dr. Shantille Campbell, Ph.D.
    Dr. Shantille Campbell, Ph.D.

    As the Director, Boviteq Business Development North America, Dr. Shantille Campbell is responsible for veterinary collaboration, client relationships and retention as well as technical inquiries related to OPU/IVF services.

    Shantille was raised on a diversified sheep and cattle operation near Tecumseh, Nebraska. Being actively involved in the livestock industry since childhood was extremely influential on her career ambitions of serving the cattle industry and its stakeholders. She earned her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska, followed by her M.S. in Biomedical Science at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab at Colorado State University. There her research focused on improving cryopreservation techniques for both in vivo- and in vitro- produced bovine embryos.

    Dr. Campbell then earned her Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Minnesota while utilizing OPU/IVF technologies and embryo recovery and transfer to study the impacts of nutrition on oocyte quality, uterine function and early embryonic development.

    In 2014 she joined Boviteq in the US, helping to launch our services from coast to coast.
    C: 402-239-2833

  • Chuck Klipstine
    Chuck Klipstine

    Chuck Klipstine is Boviteq's Embryo Lab Supervisor & Technical Consultant. With Boviteq in the US since its inception in 2013, Chuck joined our team with three years of previous IVF experience.

    Chuck is well-versed in IVF, laboratory protocols and reproductive technologies having trained extensively at Boviteq's lab in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. In 2015 he learned reverse semen sorting techniques and brought this technology back to Boviteq's US clients. He was key in the planning and design of our new state-of-the-art laboratory, and in 2017 was named IVF Lab Coordinator, overseeing all lab activities and staff. In 2018, Chuck assumed responsibilities as Embryo Coordinator, focusing on reverse sorting and Boviteq's embryo teams and activities.
    T: 608-838-2504

  • Katie Lohr
    Katie Lohr

    Katie has overseen bull performance, oocyte quality, the reverse sorting process, and other daily operations on the IVF Team at Boviteq in the US since 2018. Prior to this role, Katie was Boviteq's IVF Laboratory Technician beginning in 2016, where she acquired and refined her IVF lab skills and techniques.

    In this role, she works closely with the customer service, research and development, and quality control departments to ensure a high level of excellence is executed at Boviteq. This role has allowed her to learn more about the IVF and agriculture industries, something she has developed a passion for during her time at Boviteq.

    She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a Bachelor of Science in genetics.
    T: 608-838-2504

  • Kane Aegerter
    Kane Aegerter

    Kane Aegerter is Boviteq’s Beef Sales Specialist, specializing in beef sales, working alongside our vet partners, and communicating with beef customers as well as potential new beef clients. Joining Boviteq in the Summer of 2019 as a Beef Intern, Kane officially became part of the team in May 2021.

    Kane was raised on a purebred Shorthorn cow/calf operation in Seward, Nebraska. Additionally, he also showed and exhibited cattle at national shows across the country, while serving as President of the American Junior Shorthorn Association Board of Trustees.

    He earned his bachelor of animal science degree with a business option from Oklahoma State University, while pursuing a minor in ag-economics and real estate appraisal. During his time there, he was also a member of the nationally competitive 2019-2020 Livestock Judging Team.
    C: 402-641-8699

  • Riley Zettle
    Riley Zettle

    Riley Zettle is Boviteq’s Dairy Sales Specialist, focused on dairy sales, working alongside our vet partners, and communicating with dairy customers as well as potential new dairy clients. Joining Boviteq right out of college in the Summer of 2019, Riley started as a Customer Service Representative focused on the day-to-day communication with vets and clients revolving around matings. His quick mastery of that role and excellence in client communication and passion for the dairy industry made for a quick study. In January of 2021, Riley was promoted to his new role as our Dairy Sales Specialist.

    Riley’s involvement in the dairy industry started at a young age, working on a registered Holstein farm where he is still actively involved. Through many local families Riley built his foundation of dairy knowledge allowing him to better understand client needs. Given this interest early in life, Riley pursued his education with a desire to serve dairy clients. He earned his Bachelor of Science in agricultural business from Iowa State University, where he was an active member the Agricultural Business Club and the Dairy Science Club.
    T: 608-838-2441

  • Marcus Schroepfer
    Marcus Schroepfer

    Marcus Schroepfer joined Boviteq in May 2022 as a Client Service Representative following graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science. In this role, Marcus showed exemplary customer service skills and exceptional knowledge of IVF through all process steps.

    In his role as Client Services Supervisor, he oversees the US Client Services Team. This entails working with the entire Boviteq management group to ensure correct processes and policies are in place, along with providing the best possible service to our veterinarians and clients. He also coordinates embryo exports, supports marketing planning and helped lead the team that received USDA approval for the new Boviteq lab in Syracuse, New York.
    T: 608-838-2482